How my pregnant wife slows me down

How my PREGNANT WIFE slows me down

Pushed by the urge always to be busy, ready to jump, not to miss one opportunity, ready to pull the trigger. That is me. But I have had to learn the hard way that strength lies in peace and that every thought that goes through my mind is worth to set aside and review again in a few days.

Take shopping, for example. Every week the same scenario. I would rather sit at the park, go for a walk, and People Watch. I don’t like to be pushed through the shelves by people who are lead by the newest advertising slogans or limited offers. You better hurry or you may miss the opportunity to waste your hard-earned money. My skin crawls thinking about it. But I have to admit, it was not so long ago that I acted the same way. But people who used to smoke are usually the worst non-smokers, complaining of every small whiff of cigarette smoke.

But there is no way around the weekly shopping. Since my wife is pregnant and in her eighth month, we can not race through the shelves as fast as I would like. Not that I haven’t tried, but every time I speed up a bit she falls behind and calls “Honey, wait!” It’s quite funny whenever I see more than one man turn his head, as if their wives called them, too. Sometimes I play little game out of it and see who is stressed out the most. I can see it in their faces. Maybe a new hobby for me?

But I always go back and adjust myself to her speed. I call it the Pretty Penguin speed. I always earn a hit with the elbow when I say it. The one advantage to slowing down to her penguin march is that I have time for one of my favourite hobbies: People Watching. I was getting used to this new pace quite fast and I realized quickly that whenever I was in a rush, I was not so different to all the other bargain hunters after all.

On one particular shopping day at the grocery store, we were going through the shelves of canned goods and I was getting annoyed as usual by all the hustle and bustle, but, as a good husband, I kept in sync with my wife’s penguin waddle. Taking this opportunity I started observing the other shoppers around me.  It didn’t take long before a little girl caught my attention. She had a sad look on her face and was calling real quietly for her mom. I could see that she didn’t want to cry, because she was a big girl and didn’t want to be ashamed of having gotten herself lost. At the moment I was going to help her, a boy around 11 approached her. I could not hear what they were talking about, but the boy took her hand and walked away with the girl. I followed them, leaving my shopping cart and wife behind, until they stopped and talked to an employee a few rows over. The older lady kneeled down to the boy and girl and listened to their story. She got back up, taking both of their hands, and walked in the direction of the Check Out. After meeting up with my wife again, I heard an announcement on the loudspeaker. “Can I have your attention, please? I have here a beautiful princess with the name Julia. She lost her King and Queen among the shelves while hunting for a new adventure.  Luckily a brave young knight with the name Sir Sasha saved her and has brought her to a feast of cookies and lemonade at the cafeteria. The Princess is safe now and will wait there until she is reunited with her King and Queen.”

I am already a little bit sad that as soon my wife is not pregnant anymore, I will start missing these little daily stories. But other stories will come and I have promised myself to slow down a little bit and enjoy the every day a bit more. I will give this advice to all other bargain hunters: Inspiration can be there where you least expect it, even in those places that you dread.

So slow down and enjoy the scenery.

Your Sebastian

10 thoughts on “How my pregnant wife slows me down

  1. I hate shopping too.I prefere to go to the vegetable store the size of a living room and it is almost always empty.For the rest I go to the smallest supermarket in the city,at the beginning of the week and meet maybe 3 or 4 other customers.I can`t buy much at once since I have to carry it home in a backpack and by foot.I loved the time in Germany when there was a bakery,a butcher,fruit in the market place,a shoemaker that sold shoes,a little cloth store and the pharmacist.We got milk and eggs from the farmers and lots of potatoes in October,right from the field, that lasted for many months.:-) Blessings to you and your little family!

  2. Love this observation – funny, sweet, and so many truths in there! Your life rhythms will have changed again with a little one in the house – faster? slower? more dazed?! Congratulations whichever one it is!

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