57 thoughts on “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: Extra, Extra

  1. Wow, you’ve captured such amazing light in this shot. I grew up on a golf course, and this image really reminds me of the many sunny summer mornings I witnessed. If this type of scene doesn’t make the stress melt away, I don’t know what does.

    Great shot!

    • Thank you Shane. I have to admit that I only took a few pictures from this moment. The rest of the time I was sitting there and locking at the scene and being selfish :-D.

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  5. Hello Why Matters- I notice you approve ping backs and acknowledge with a “thanks”-
    I’m still in first year of blogging and “the jury is still out” for me on this topic. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on this, please?

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  7. Wow this photo is beautiful, it captures that feeling of looking at the world and appreciating that there is something divine/magical about it. Great work.

  8. Sebastian, looking at this picture as well as to all the pictures appearing here makes me realize how long the road is for me to take just to get close to it. I mean, your photographs are awesomely beautiful.

    I have to take formal photography classes in order to that, which I hope will happen soon.

    This one really got me. I have a thing with sunset…and sunrise. A sucker of both.


    • Hi Sony,
      If you really like it go ahead. Maybe you like a little advice. Don’t believe that you need a lot of money for good photos and classes mostly tell you that. I only done a few and where always disappointed because of there promoting. The rest is self-education and the interest in a camera how it works. Good luck Sony .

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