Standstill & Sense #4 : After the Storm

Dear Reader,

these pictures are part of a pictures series called „Standstill & Sense“. With the music in the background I would like to give the reader a little of the same impression I had when I took these pictures for the series „Standstill & Sense“. Bring a little time and click on the picture to enlarge it to your screen. Look at the details and think about what you would sense if you were standing still in front of this scene and share it with me. Leave a comment.

Your Sebastian

Standstill & Sense #4 : After the Storm

Standstill & Sense #4 : After the Storm


8 thoughts on “Standstill & Sense #4 : After the Storm

  1. Beautiful image Sebastian, I just loved this composition 🙂

    The feel is different when the music is on and just looking at the moody sky…

    Thanks a lot for sharing…

  2. I love the photo. There are so many things that would come to mind if I were looking at this in real time. The water would be a natural draw. I would be fascinated by the bridge structure and hoping at the same time that I did not have to cross it.

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